I was so eager to volunteer somewhere when RSVP crossed my mind.    I was 55 now and met the minimum age requirement, so I checked out RSVP’s website and filled out their online volunteer application. I thought, “This is probably just another waste of time.”  An hour later, I checked my computer and much to my delight and surprise, there was an e-mail from RSVP’s volunteer coordinator thanking me for filling out the application.  She also wanted to schedule an appointment with me to meet ……IN PERSON….. and discuss what types of volunteer positions I was interested in pursuing with RSVP!  I was so overjoyed!!  My meeting with RSVP’s volunteer coordinator was better than I could have hoped for and I am so excited to now be volunteering in a position that will utilize my skills and education.  Thank you so much RSVP for your interest in me – I am really looking forward to being part of such a great volunteer organization!”
Lynn A.
New RSVP of Tulsa Volunteer