“The daughter of one of my transportation clients recently told me how much she appreciated having me take her father to the doctor.  She has epilepsy and cannot drive.  She’s had to cancel several of her dad’s doctors’ appointments over the past several months because she had no way to get him to the doctor.  Then a neighbor told her about RSVP.  She almost cried as she told me how much they both appreciated knowing there is someone who will take the time to drive them all the way to Tulsa for his appointments.”
Charlene B.
Wagoner County RSVP Volunteer
 “I really do enjoy volunteering in the POWER UP+ classes and like to think I'm making some difference in the lives of those we have the privilege of serving. I know that this is the case regarding our latest graduate. He went from zero to fantastic during his six weeks in the POWER UP+ classes.  He has not only found a job online, but also confided in me last week that his new employer told him he's the first to understand how to clock in and out using the computer. He's also started writing and believes he's found a side career that will advance his newly re-created life.  I know he's the exception, but I've seen positive results in nearly every student we've had in the course. Even those who don't make it through the full six weeks seem to leave each class with a smile on their face and an increased sense of accomplishment and empowerment. Thank you for allowing me to participate as a volunteer. It feeds my soul in a way I can't even explain.”
“RSVP of Tulsa’s services have had a major impact on children in our community. They provide volunteers to about 300 nonprofits in the area many of which work directly with large numbers of kids, such as the Parent Child Center and Child Abuse Network.  RSVP’s Grandfriends program works closely with CAP (Community Action Project) which runs much of the Project Head Start program here and other similar organizations that have a huge impact on the children in Tulsa County. I am very supportive of RSVP of Tulsa; they have been a terrific program for me personally too.”  
Norman Simon, M.D.
RSVP Volunteer