“I wanted to let you know that I loved the Volunteer Speed Matching event.  I hope you do more in the future.  Thank you for inviting me to participate.  I think I made some ‘love connections’ for the Day Center.  Keep up the good work!”
Colleen Helms
Volunteer Coordinator for Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless
“We want to ADOPT Nancy for our own!  We are so very appreciative of your help finding us such a terrific volunteer.   The only complaint we have is that she works so fast we have a hard time finding stuff to keep her busy.  Are there any rules regarding gifts of appreciation? We don’t want to break protocol, but we want to make sure she knows how much we appreciate her hard work on behalf of our mission!  Thanks again for all you do for our community and now, for 501technet!”
Mark Whitmire
Technology Services Director for 501Technet, in collaboration with Tulsa Community Foundation