Vaccines . . . What are the Benefits and the Risks for Seniors?

Vaccines- What are the Benefits and Risks?

Thursday, January 8, 2015
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
RSVP of Tulsa office, 5756 East 31st St., Tulsa

 You may need one or more vaccines, even if you received vaccines as a child or as a younger adult. How do you decide?
RSVP of Tulsa has teamed up with Walgreens in 2015 to provide “Ask a Pharmacist” seminar series.  Rachel Bryden, a local pharmacy manager for Walgreens, will be at the RSVP office to answer your questions and address your concerns on this important topic.

Some vaccines recommended for older adults:

Want to learn more about the vaccines you might need? Don’t forget if you are traveling, you may require additional vaccines. This informational segment will be followed by a question and answer session on your medications, supplements, drug interactions and other pharmacy related concerns you may have.

Anyone 55+ will be able to attend the FREE “Ask a Pharmacist” seminar and ask questions in a group setting with a licensed Walgreens pharmacist about their medications or other healthcare concerns they may have.

Seating is limited. For reservations: 918-280-8656.