Although RSVP Tulsa is largely funded through institutional grants, a number of individual donors regularly support RSVP of Tulsa. We asked several donors if they would be willing to share what inspires them to support RSVP’s mission.


Blessing of Our Hands

SONY DSCFor Tom and LaVerne Branch, who began volunteering their time through RSVP approximately 4 years ago, it’s easy to explain why they support RSVP Tulsa.

“You see the ear-to-ear smile of a young child as he or she picks out their very own hat and matching scarf you’ve knitted or you lovingly fold a soft, white afghan you’ve just finished knowing it will hold a stillborn baby who will be handed to his parents for the first and last time or you receive the ‘Blessing of the Hands’ for the work you do to support cancer patients in their lifelong struggle. When you experience these events, you know why you volunteer your time and money,” says LaVerne.

Both Tom and LaVerne agree that their blessing has been in finding RSVP and supporting the community, in both time and money, and that blessing has been far more rewarding than any paycheck could offer.  According to Tom, “Knowing you’re a part of a group that annually donates over $4 million in economic impact throughout our communities is inspiring!”


A Birthday Challenge

94-year-old RSVP volunteer Bill Hunt has been celebrating his birthday the past few years in a remarkable way — by sending RSVP Tulsa a check made out in the amount of the number of years in which the Good Lord has Bill Hunt_Page_1blessed him. His inspiration for donating to RSVP has come from a natural inclination for thankfulness in the life that the Good Lord has given him. Bill says, “While this amount cannot have a great effect on RSVP’s yearly budget, it’s surprising what a pleasure it gives me! Afterall, a man my age doesn’t expect much to be happening on his birthday.” Bill wants to inspire others to join him in celebrating their birthdays by donating to RSVP Tulsa. He believes his small idea can have an automatic inflation factor over time.


We Make a Life by What We Give

RSVP Board member and volunteer Pam Chronister shares, “One of my favorite quotes is ‘We make a living by what we get, but we make aSONY DSC life by what we give.’ I have always tried to give to those who were not as blessed as I have been. While I was working, I contributed to various charitable and non-profit organizations through payroll deductions. Each year I would increase that amount by a few dollars a pay period. Soon I was contributing several hundred dollars a year!   After I retired from working and payroll deduction wasn’t an option, I began contributing to agencies that have given so much to me or that have a mission that is near and dear to my heart.”

Pam joined RSVP in 2005 after retiring from her career, but had to put her volunteering aspirations on hold to care for her husband whose health was declining. After he passed away in 2006, she got VERY involved in a variety of RSVP volunteering opportunities. These opportunities not only helped her deal with her grief, but also helped her realize that she could give to others in many other ways than just monetarily.

Pam states, “As I became more involved with the inner workings of RSVP, it became clear to me that despite all the great things that RSVP does for seniors and the community, it doesn’t operate without funding.   It makes sense to give back to an agency which has given so much to me!”


By donating to RSVP of Tulsa you help provide more support for our volunteers and our community.  As this year winds down, we greatly appreciate your thoughtful consideration and support in your year-end giving plans!